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Outlet Covers Up-Cycled

Happy Day Friends! I know it’s been a while since my last post but my sisters were visiting from out of town and right after that it was Independence day. Add to that family, home, work and my cake decorating course and there was little time for much else. But I got myself back on track and today I have a great DIY project for you, Up-Cycled Outlet Covers. I’m a perfectionist and the kind of person that pays attention to detail. My plain, boring outlet covers needed an upgrade. When I painted the apartment a few years ago I wanted to replace them like I did in the bedrooms. But there were eight and I figured it was going to cost between $40 and $50 after a trip to Home Depot and Loews and I wasn’t about to spend that much. So I moved on to the next room/ project, but I gazed at them every so often still wanting to replace them. Fast forward three years and you’ll find me slowly updating the living room, it’s a work in progress. But with the focus back on this area I decided it was finally time to do something about the outlet covers without spending a lot of money. I started searching Pinterest and found the perfect solution, you can find the pin on my board.

up-cycled outlet cover,fabric

Fabric, it’s so simple, so inexpensive and so easy to change. You only need five items to complete;

  • fabric (mine came from my stash)
  • scissors
  • paintbrush
  • Mod Podge
  • exacto knife

I eyeballed the fabric and cut a piece big enough for all eight covers. I ironed the fabric because wrinkles drive me crazy and cut a rectangle large enough to cover the outlet and wrap around the edges. I covered the front of the outlet with some mod podge and attached the fabric. I smoothed it out and pulled the fabric towards the back of the cover and  brushed on some more mod podge to glue the fabric to the back. Once it was partially dried I used the exacto knife to cut a hole in the center and pulled the fabric back and glued it down.  I gave it one more coat of mod podge to seal and waterproof the fabric. That’s important because you want to be able to wipe the outlet covers down occasionally.

Big difference from the old one to the new up-cycled outlet cover.

plain outlet cover  fabric covered outlet, upcycled outlet

What do you think? Are you ready to up-cycle outlet covers with fabric or scrapbook paper? I’d love to know.