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Re-Upholstered Ottoman

Hello, and Happy Hump day to you all. Do you have any special plans for the coming weekend? In my Living Room Redo post I showed you a glimpse of my re-upholstered ottoman. If you don’t have an ottoman I’d suggest you pick one up, they can serve double and triple duty. First and foremost it’s a good spot for your feet, they provide hidden storage, an extra seat for company and an added tray turns it into an instant coffee table. In my home we use it for some of my sons toys. With the right fabric they can also make quite a statement.

reupholstered ottoman

Mine is one of those cheap $25 deals from Target, have I mentioned how much I love Target… The ottoman started off in my sons room, it was navy blue and used to hold his video games and movies. Then it was moved to the living room and covered in brown fabric to go with my green theme. Now it’s covered in a beautiful aqua chevron pattern I got from Fabric.com, they have a large selection, easy sorting options and hassle free returns. Before we move on to the actual instructions let’s take a look at a before picture.

before ottoman

  1. I highly recommend ironing the fabric to get rid of the wrinkles. If that doesn’t bother you, you can skip this step.
  2. Remove the feet. Mine had plastic sliders on them so I popped them off with a screw driver before unscrewing the feet.
  3. Many instructions will tell you to remove the existing fabric. However, I think that’s a waste of time and an extra step I just avoid.
  4. I measured the length and the width of the top piece accounting for the depth of the cushion and added about two inches to the length and width. For the bottom piece, I wrapped the perimeter of the ottoman until the two ends met and added about an inch and I measured the height (top to bottom) adding two inches. I used those measurements and cut the fabric.
  5. I placed the fabric for the lid of the ottoman right side down (so the back side was facing me) and pulled tightly while stapling the fabric to the inside of the lid. When I got to the corners, I folded the fabric like I was wrapping a gift, repeating until all four sides were stapled. reupholstering corner
  6. For the bottom piece, I wrapped the fabric around the ottoman and aligned the pattern where the two sides met in the back. Then I  stapled the top and bottom at the center of each side of the ottoman. For the corners, I overlapped them and stapled them down. Working from the center out, I pulled tightly and stapled all the way around. reupholstering visual
  7. After that I screwed the feet back on and filled with toys.

reupholstered ottoman w toys reupholstered ottoman

What do you think? I love the chevron pattern and the color helps lighten up the room. I think the dog loves it too, that’s her head in the right hand corner 🙂

Can you think of anything you may want to re-upholster now?