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DIY Cereal Box Drawer Dividers

How’d you spend your weekend? I spent mine with my guys and it was great. We cooked, crafted and got tons of stuff done. It was cold this weekend so I decided to spend it home purging, organizing and updating. By the time I was done I had two bags to donate, one to recycle and one for the trash. It felt good! I cleaned closets, organized drawers and made some drawer dividers. I also put up a few valentines decorations. I know, I know, my tween already told me… It’s only January. I put them up anyway ūüôā

The junk drawer in my kitchen was driving me crazy so I dumped everything out, sorted, tossed and put half of the “junk” back where it really belonged. Why do we call them junk drawers??? It’s not junk, well I guess some of it is… I grabbed three boxes from around the house in different sizes, scissors, velcro, a pencil and some contact paper from the dollar store.¬†I used the drawer as a guide to mark the height of each box and cut the boxes using my exacto knife.

DIY drawer dividers, DIY cardboard drawer dividers

I wanted to cover the inside and outside of the box so I wrapped the paper around and cut accordingly. I lined the paper with the outside of the box and wrapped it around. When I got to the bottom of the box I used the eraser to crease the corners and attached. The contact paper was perfect because it had very forgiving adhesive and came in a cute design The last thing I did was attach a piece of velcro to the bottom of the box to keep it from sliding around the drawer.

DIY drawer divider how to, cardboard drawer divider

I didn’t know it was contact paper but it was perfect! The squares on the back made it easy to cut. You could try scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, fabric or washi tape to cover your boxes.

This project was on my list of things to do. A long list of things to do… But the fun is in the journey. Well, at least, that’s what I think ūüôā And my new dividers help keep the junk drawer nicely organized. I’ve already decided I’m making some for my bedroom dresser, but I’m going to use some zebra print duct tape I have left over from the circus party. Now let’s take a look at some before and after pictures of the kitchen junk drawer.

DIY drawer divider, DIY drawer divider before and after

¬†Simplicity is a constant goal and the more I embrace it the more I see it’s connection to other aspects of my life. Like, considering my purchases knowing space is an issue, I talk about it with the linen closet and the hallway¬†post.¬†Minimizing my purchases was the first step to simplicity and I didn’t even know it. Now I approach everything trying to find ways to use the items I already own while recycling supplies I already have. And if I can’t complete a project without buying anything I try to keep it small and simple. I mean my love of color changes pretty often so it’s nice being able to swap out something knowing my impact to the environment and my envelope was minial. I enjoyed my last financial fast so I’m giving it another go. While this wasn’t a $0 project it did only cost $1 for the contact paper and it is my kick off. I’m even more excited to see what I can do, what I can update and create using little to no money.

Living Room Redo – Toy Storage

Hello everyone! How’s the week been treating you?¬† The living room redo is almost done¬†and I plan to post the¬†completed space with before and after pics soon. I needed more toy storage after I¬†reupholstered the ottoman¬†and found exactly what¬†I was looking for with the IKEA Trofast.

Toy storage, toy organization, living room redo

I put it by the kitchen entrance and moved the dark gray stand into storage AKA my parents garage. The space was lightened up instantly which has been my primary goal with this living room redo. I had two black frames on the wall that got a couple coats of white spray paint and some new art. I printed two vintage animal posters from Free Vintage Posters because my luv muffin is obsessed with animals and dinosaurs these days. He always wants to wear his dinosaur shirts and take his animals with him where ever he goes. The toy storage was intended for easy access to his favorite toys. The two large bins are for cars and blocks while the two smaller bins are for animals and letters. He pulls the bins right out and carries them to the floor to play.

vintage animal posters, living room redo,

The Trofast still seemed pretty plain so I grabbed an old comic book and mod podged a couple pages to the top and bottom panel for a pop of color. I love the way it came out!

toy storage, up-cycle, comic book paper

I thought it would be fun to add some chalkboard paint to the right side and give him an area to color and draw on. I used my Frog Tape to create a border and keep the edges clean. Then I applied four coats of  Rust-Oleum chalkboard paint following the directions on the can.

toy storage - trofast toy storage, trofast, chalkboard paint

The top of the tower needed something so I mod podged more comic book paper to a paper mache J, added some dinosaurs and a washed out jar to hold some chalk in. I didn’t want to spray paint the lid so I cut out another piece of comic book paper in a circle and mod podged it to the lid. I’m feeling like this toy storage space is really coming together.

toy storage, comic book paper, upcycled

While the goal of this project was to add additional toy storage, I’m really happy with the end result and when I heard my luv muffin squeal I knew he was too. Let’s take a look at some before and after shots.

gray stand   Frida kahlo

Toy storage, toy organization, living room redo  vintage animal posters, living room redo,

What do you think, would you use comic book paper to decorate for your son or daughter? These pages actually came from my old comic book collection.

Organizing a Small Linen Closet

Hello everyone!!¬†Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! It was beautiful here in NY, it started out a little wet on Friday but ended with lots of¬†sun.¬†I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend,¬†my toddler attempted to¬†ride his tricycle again,¬†we caught a¬†movie with our¬†tween, I attended my second cake decorating class and had a fabulous Father’s Day dinner on Sunday.¬†I even found time to organize our small linen closet.

Small linen closet

In a small apartment¬†space¬†is always an issue, having one linen closet means it has to work overtime. Now I have to admit my OCD wouldn’t allow the closet to be anything but neat so the before picture isn’t a disaster¬†but it’s not pretty. So I worked all night and a couple hours the next day¬†to turn¬†the small linen closet into a¬†storage smart,¬†beautiful space.¬†Lets take a look at the before, please excuse the dark photos¬†there¬†was no natural light since it was the middle of the night.


The best way to organize any space means starting with a blank slate so I¬† took¬†out everything. I¬†wanted to purge the space so I went through the sheets and¬†got rid of any¬†sets that¬†hadn’t been used in a while. That¬†left three sets for¬†myself and two¬†for each of the boys beds.¬†In the spirit of purging I also got rid of a few thin, ratty towels and turned¬†them¬†into cleaning rags. Once that was done I gave the closet two coats of Behr Ultra Pure White. When I bought the apartment all the rooms had a horrible pearl/ivory flat colored paint¬†so priming wasn’t necessary. I use 2 inch rollers for doors and closets, they’re the¬†perfect size and cut down on splatter. I never buy trays, I always use disposable bowls and plates when painting. I also put the roller in a Ziploc bag when I’m done,¬†it keeps it from drying out so¬†you can use it on another paint job.


I wanted to dress up¬†the shelves so I picked up a beautiful roll of¬†paper at TJ Max, I love the graphic design.¬†I measured and cut the paper to line the shelves. It was¬† secured with¬†some spray adhesive and¬†given¬†a coat of mod podge to water proof them and add some durability. Isn’t the paper beautiful? I’m already in love!


Now comes¬†the fun part, making it pretty. I went shopping in my storage space looking¬†for¬†something to put the toiletries in and I found a three drawer organizer I knew would do the trick. I lined the front of the drawers with the same paper I used on the shelf.¬†I thought it looked prettier¬†that way and concealed what was in the drawers. I grabbed¬†a couple of¬†washed out glass food jars¬†I had on hand to re purpose into apothecary jars. I grabbed two, one for cotton and one for Q-Tips and finished the look with some chalkboard stickers. I picked up two white baskets from the dollar section at Target for the wash clothes and remaining toiletries. I love the dollar section at Target and stop by every time I’m in the store.

toiletries shelf/small linen closet

I picked up two packs of shelf dividers from Bed Bath & Beyond with a $5 off coupon of course. It turns out I love them and plan on using them in some of our other closets.

Linen closet shelf dividers

I¬†arranged the towels in color piles for a uniformed look. I was looking for another way to organize the bed sheets so I hit up Pinterest. The ideas and inspiration are endless. I found a pin from the Martha Stewart website of bed sheets folded and tucked into the matching pillow cases. It looked great so I figured why not give it a try. I went through all the trouble of folding¬† the¬†sheets and stuffing them in the pillow cases and realized I hated it. Why did I hate it? Because I couldn’t get my sheets folded as nicely as Martha did for her closet. You know, the way they come out of the packaging, all nice and crisp and flat. Mine were all different sizes and anything but flat¬†so I said no thanks. I even put them in the closet thinking it would look better on the¬†shelf. Did they? Of course not, take a look…

sheets inside pillow cases

After that I decided to go back to the way I originally had them, besides,¬† they looked great with the shelf dividers anyway. There¬†were some¬† blankets,¬†pillow inserts and holiday dish towels on the top shelf but it looked messy.¬†I wanted to¬†fully utilize¬†the shelf since it goes all the way to the ceiling. I had some space saving bags in my storage space that I packed everything inside. The bag goes up to the ceiling so it¬†allowed me to add a basket to the shelf. I had a some¬†beach towels that weren’t fitting into my new prettified closet so I put them in the basket out of sight. Baskets can be your best friend when organizing a space. They can be used¬†to contain¬†items¬†for easy access but¬†do a wonderful job hiding the mess.

When I started¬†working on the linen¬†closet I thought about the door and whether or not to maximize that space as well. I’d been using it to hang up my super soft super awesome robe.¬†I decided to leave the robe there but added a hook since¬†it had been hanging on a nail. I’m absolutely smitten with chalkboard paint and labels these days so I added a few to the baskets. I picked these up at Michael’s in the bargain bins. The bottom shelf stayed exactly the same, it holds our comforters and heavy winter blankets in a not so pretty but very functional bag.

Linen closet storage bag

Believe it or not this closet holds almost as much as it did before, minus the purged sheets and towels.

Let’s¬†look at the before and after pics.

Linen closet before  Small linen closet after

I absolutely love our small inen closet now. Every time I go in there for a towel, bed sheets or whatever I smile. What do you think, big difference right?