Swear Jar – Part of my Financial Fast Challenge

Hi-Lo everyone. The weekend is here and the first week of school is over! What was back to school week like at your house? This is my third post in three days, talk about post overload. This is a super quick, super simple project but one that I hope will have a positive impact on me. I have a REALLY bad habit that I need to work on… I know I have the capacity to overcome my bad habit and now is a really good time to do it. Sometimes I swear and the other day I heard my younger son repeat a word I’d rather not have him say. So I decided to implement a swear jar, at first I was going with a quarter a swear but then I decided on a dollar a swear thinking the ouch factor would really compel me to breath and find a different word to use. Since I still have a day left in my financial fast challenge the jar had to cost $0 and that wasn’t a problem.

swear jar, upcycle

I grabbed a washed out spaghetti jar from my stash, spray painted the lid, added some stickers for decoration and put it on the windowsill so it could be fed easily when i slip up.

The swear jar has been in effect for a few days now and it’s been fed but i already see an improvement and find myself swearing less. I’m going to leave the jar out until the end of the year and see how much money it collects. I’m not exactly sure what to do with it but I was thinking about buying something for myself… I Know, I know, that seems counterproductive but I feel like if the jar is successful there shouldn’t be a lot of money in there anyway and it’ll be a small reward for my effort.

swear jar, repurpose

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