Summer Wish List

Truth be told I LOVE the winter but I enjoy the summer because it means late nights with the kids, lazy days and outdoor activities. I wanted  to make a list of things I want to do before the summer ends. My list will consist of things I want to get done and fun things I want to make time for because there’s more time for everything when school is out.

  1. Declutter the apartment – Throughout the year I find small amounts of clutter around the house and I like to get rid of it before the school year starts. My boys outgrow their clothes, my toddlers birthday is in August  which means gifts and new toys and I just want less “stuff” to worry about.
  2. Biking riding – We signed my son up for bike club and the group meets weekly so this one is easy. My three year old loves his bike seat so I’m hoping when it gets a little cooler to do this twice a week.
  3. Visit the library – The library in my neighborhood underwent a massive reconstruction and it recently re opened. I have to say it’s beautiful and I’ve started making use of my library card again on a regular basis. So have both my guys. Reading continues  throughout the summer.
  4. Game night – Pull out a good old fashioned board game and unplug. My tween and I used to play board games on a regular basis but then  HW got intense and it became less  of a priority.
  5. Family movie night – This is a regular occurrence in my house during the winter months but it was usually only me and my tween watching the movies. My toddlers attention span is maturing and he can actually sit and watch some of the movies with us now. He actually LOVES Jurassic Park III.
  6. Redo chore list – Time is flying by and while it’s a great thing it’s a sad thing. The boys are getting older and are ready for more age appropriate chores. My tweens allowance may increase but with more money comes more responsibility.
  7. Pretend to be a tourist – I live in one of the greatest cities in the world but there are so many sites and landmarks I’ve never visited. It’s really shameful and I hope to visit at least one touristy locations this summer.
  8. Go camping – We went last year and it was great. I hope to make it back out there with even more planned activities to keep the kids busy and entertained.

I know I’m a little late with this list since it’s already mid July but I still feel like there’s plenty of time. Do you have a summer a wish list? What do you want to do and see?

summer wish list

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