Spray Painting Tips

Spray paint is a crafter and DIYer’s best friend. You can use it to transform anything you already have at home or anything you bring home. I wanted to go over a few things I’ve learned by trial and error.


Shake, shake and shake some more – It might be silly to say, especially since it’s right on the can under instructions. But I cant stress how important it is to shake the can for at least 1 minute before using. Shake it a little longer if you’re using metallic colored paints. If not it wont mix well and when you use it the color wont be as true as it should.

Prime – I suggest thoroughly cleaning the item you intend to spray paint before priming. If you don’t the paint wont adhere well and you may end up with drips or crackling. I like to use BIN Zinsser primer in white. It sticks to all surfaces, seals odors, covers well and dries quickly. Which is a plus because I hate waiting for paint to dry. But you have to make sure to wait at least 30 seconds before you give the item a second coat. If you don’t you’ll end up with drips.

Paint –  I use smooth, even, quick strokes when spraying, if you don’t you’ll end up with drips. Now I know I keep saying it but drips are the worst when your spray painting. You wont cover everything with your first spray so be patient. And remember if your working on metal you have to wait longer between coats because it doesn’t soak up paint like wood.

Drips and Crackling – To fix drips wipe them off immediately and spray over the area again. If you find the drip after the paint has already dried you can sand it down lightly and spray over the area again. The same goes for crackling, except crackling can be harder to cover so sand it down as much as possible before spray painting again.

Now go grab a can and Happy Spray Painting.


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