Look What I Did Display – Part of my Financial Fast

Hi-Lo! This is my third financial fast challenge post and I’ve really been enjoying creating and DIY’ing using the supplies I already have in my craft stash. My youngest son loves to color, draw, paint and create. Not surprising since his momma is a craftaholic. And of course he loves to hang his artwork around the house, he asks for tape and hangs his masterpieces on the doors, walls, the fridge, the stove or just about anywhere he can. I was looking through Kammy’s blog over at Kammy’s Korner and saw a board she made for her son to display his artwork. She calls it his “Look What I Did Display” and it’s exactly what we need. She doesn’t post directions on her blog but the picture is pretty self explanatory. I’ve said in the past that I’m power tool challenged and although I have some scrap pieces of plywood in storage I had no intention of using them. About a year ago I’d bought a piece of pre cut plywood for another project that didn’t work out the way I had planned. Back into my craft closet it went, I figured I’d find something to do with it someday and today is the day.


  • piece of plywood
  • stencil
  • paint
  • clothespins
  • hot glue gun
  • Command strips

 art display,look what i did board

I started by painting the plywood white and stenciling the letters in black. That way it’ll match any room it may end up in, for now it’ll hang above his bed. Once the paint was dry I attached a couple clothes pins. The completed display was hung on the wall using Command strips, my absolute favorite hanging accessory.

art display, diy art display

The Look What I Did Display board will be used over and over again in our home and was so easy to make that this project was a win, win all the way around.

Another project accomplished with a $0 investment.

look what i did board, artdisplay


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