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Happy Hump Day, the work week is almost over and I cant wait! Today I have a quick and simple project that I’ve been wanting to try for a little while now, DIY Fridge Coasters. I know fridge coasters have been around for a while but I didn’t find out about them until a few months ago and let me say I think it’s a great idea! Fridge coasters are liners for your refrigerator that not only make it easier to clean but also come in the cutest colors and patterns. You can buy fridge coasters for about $25 a pack but one pack wouldn’t cover my entire fridge and at $50 I say no thank you. I knew I could make something MUCH cheaper with some placemats and a small investment of time. They’re all over the web and Pinterest so there’s is no shortage of inspiration or how to instructions. My refrigerator and stove were brand new and supplied by the previous owners when I bought my co-op. They weren’t anything I would’ve chosen but I was grateful not to have to buy them after closing. The fridge is a bit small and doesn’t have tempered glass shelves, they have old wire shelves that drive me crazy! Small containers and bottles tip and fall over because of the grates and I’m constantly cleaning up spills that drip from the top shelf all the way down to the bottom shelf and on everything in between. The freezer didn’t come with any kind of shelf so putting food away is a nightmare. I’m always stacking food hoping it doesn’t fall out when we open the door looking for something. I tried calling Kenmore directly to order a shelf for the freezer but it turns my model didn’t come with one and they couldn’t find anything close enough to fit… I couldn’t believe it so I called back just to be sure, I was hoping I’d spoken to a sales rep that didn’t know what they were talking about but it was true. After that I just complained for a while when putting food away.

Look at this fridge from Bowl Full of Lemons, really people, no shortage of inspiration.

4106.jpg (550×830)


One day while I was walking around Home Goods I spotted a expandable shelf that I thought might work in the freezer. On my next trip to Target I grabbed some place mats and was on my way to a chic new refrigerator.


  • vinyl place mats (I used four)
  • expandable shelf
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun

This is what I was dealing with before…

DIY fridge coasters  DIY Fridge coaster

I used two mats per shelf, they fit lengthwise almost perfectly. I cut a small piece off the second mat and tucked it under the first. I attached them using hot glue so they wouldn’t move and used the scraps to line the shelves on the door.

And this is my finished product. I love my shelf and DIY Fridge Coasters!!

  DIY Fridge coaster  DIY fridge coaster  DIY fridge coasters

What do you use to easily clean your fridge? Did you buy fridge coasters, make your own or try something else?

2 thoughts on “Easy DIY Fridge Coasters

  1. jan

    I could use some of those. I would have liked a closer look at the place mats you bought for this project. I haven’t shopped for place mats in years and they have changed a lot over that time. Nice to find your blog.


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