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Outlet Covers Up-Cycled

Happy Day Friends! I know it’s been a while since my last post but my sisters were visiting from out of town and right after that it was Independence day. Add to that family, home, work and my cake decorating course and there was little time for much else. But I got myself back on track and today I have a great DIY project for you, Up-Cycled Outlet Covers. I’m a perfectionist and the kind of person that pays attention to detail. My plain, boring outlet covers needed an upgrade. When I painted the apartment a few years ago I wanted to replace them like I did in the bedrooms. But there were eight and I figured it was going to cost between $40 and $50 after a trip to Home Depot and Loews and I wasn’t about to spend that much. So I moved on to the next room/ project, but I gazed at them every so often still wanting to replace them. Fast forward three years and you’ll find me slowly updating the living room, it’s a work in progress. But with the focus back on this area I decided it was finally time to do something about the outlet covers without spending a lot of money. I started searching Pinterest and found the perfect solution, you can find the pin on my board.

up-cycled outlet cover,fabric

Fabric, it’s so simple, so inexpensive and so easy to change. You only need five items to complete;

  • fabric (mine came from my stash)
  • scissors
  • paintbrush
  • Mod Podge
  • exacto knife

I eyeballed the fabric and cut a piece big enough for all eight covers. I ironed the fabric because wrinkles drive me crazy and cut a rectangle large enough to cover the outlet and wrap around the edges. I covered the front of the outlet with some mod podge and attached the fabric. I smoothed it out and pulled the fabric towards the back of the cover and  brushed on some more mod podge to glue the fabric to the back. Once it was partially dried I used the exacto knife to cut a hole in the center and pulled the fabric back and glued it down.  I gave it one more coat of mod podge to seal and waterproof the fabric. That’s important because you want to be able to wipe the outlet covers down occasionally.

Big difference from the old one to the new up-cycled outlet cover.

plain outlet cover  fabric covered outlet, upcycled outlet

What do you think? Are you ready to up-cycle outlet covers with fabric or scrapbook paper? I’d love to know.

Organizing a Small Linen Closet

Hello everyone!! Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! It was beautiful here in NY, it started out a little wet on Friday but ended with lots of sun. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, my toddler attempted to ride his tricycle again, we caught a movie with our tween, I attended my second cake decorating class and had a fabulous Father’s Day dinner on Sunday. I even found time to organize our small linen closet.

Small linen closet

In a small apartment space is always an issue, having one linen closet means it has to work overtime. Now I have to admit my OCD wouldn’t allow the closet to be anything but neat so the before picture isn’t a disaster but it’s not pretty. So I worked all night and a couple hours the next day to turn the small linen closet into a storage smart, beautiful space. Lets take a look at the before, please excuse the dark photos there was no natural light since it was the middle of the night.


The best way to organize any space means starting with a blank slate so I  took out everything. I wanted to purge the space so I went through the sheets and got rid of any sets that hadn’t been used in a while. That left three sets for myself and two for each of the boys beds. In the spirit of purging I also got rid of a few thin, ratty towels and turned them into cleaning rags. Once that was done I gave the closet two coats of Behr Ultra Pure White. When I bought the apartment all the rooms had a horrible pearl/ivory flat colored paint so priming wasn’t necessary. I use 2 inch rollers for doors and closets, they’re the perfect size and cut down on splatter. I never buy trays, I always use disposable bowls and plates when painting. I also put the roller in a Ziploc bag when I’m done, it keeps it from drying out so you can use it on another paint job.


I wanted to dress up the shelves so I picked up a beautiful roll of paper at TJ Max, I love the graphic design. I measured and cut the paper to line the shelves. It was  secured with some spray adhesive and given a coat of mod podge to water proof them and add some durability. Isn’t the paper beautiful? I’m already in love!


Now comes the fun part, making it pretty. I went shopping in my storage space looking for something to put the toiletries in and I found a three drawer organizer I knew would do the trick. I lined the front of the drawers with the same paper I used on the shelf. I thought it looked prettier that way and concealed what was in the drawers. I grabbed a couple of washed out glass food jars I had on hand to re purpose into apothecary jars. I grabbed two, one for cotton and one for Q-Tips and finished the look with some chalkboard stickers. I picked up two white baskets from the dollar section at Target for the wash clothes and remaining toiletries. I love the dollar section at Target and stop by every time I’m in the store.

toiletries shelf/small linen closet

I picked up two packs of shelf dividers from Bed Bath & Beyond with a $5 off coupon of course. It turns out I love them and plan on using them in some of our other closets.

Linen closet shelf dividers

I arranged the towels in color piles for a uniformed look. I was looking for another way to organize the bed sheets so I hit up Pinterest. The ideas and inspiration are endless. I found a pin from the Martha Stewart website of bed sheets folded and tucked into the matching pillow cases. It looked great so I figured why not give it a try. I went through all the trouble of folding  the sheets and stuffing them in the pillow cases and realized I hated it. Why did I hate it? Because I couldn’t get my sheets folded as nicely as Martha did for her closet. You know, the way they come out of the packaging, all nice and crisp and flat. Mine were all different sizes and anything but flat so I said no thanks. I even put them in the closet thinking it would look better on the shelf. Did they? Of course not, take a look…

sheets inside pillow cases

After that I decided to go back to the way I originally had them, besides,  they looked great with the shelf dividers anyway. There were some  blankets, pillow inserts and holiday dish towels on the top shelf but it looked messy. I wanted to fully utilize the shelf since it goes all the way to the ceiling. I had some space saving bags in my storage space that I packed everything inside. The bag goes up to the ceiling so it allowed me to add a basket to the shelf. I had a some beach towels that weren’t fitting into my new prettified closet so I put them in the basket out of sight. Baskets can be your best friend when organizing a space. They can be used to contain items for easy access but do a wonderful job hiding the mess.

When I started working on the linen closet I thought about the door and whether or not to maximize that space as well. I’d been using it to hang up my super soft super awesome robe. I decided to leave the robe there but added a hook since it had been hanging on a nail. I’m absolutely smitten with chalkboard paint and labels these days so I added a few to the baskets. I picked these up at Michael’s in the bargain bins. The bottom shelf stayed exactly the same, it holds our comforters and heavy winter blankets in a not so pretty but very functional bag.

Linen closet storage bag

Believe it or not this closet holds almost as much as it did before, minus the purged sheets and towels.

Let’s look at the before and after pics.

Linen closet before  Small linen closet after

I absolutely love our small inen closet now. Every time I go in there for a towel, bed sheets or whatever I smile. What do you think, big difference right?