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Living Room Redo – Toy Storage

Hello everyone! How’s the week been treating you?  The living room redo is almost done and I plan to post the completed space with before and after pics soon. I needed more toy storage after I reupholstered the ottoman and found exactly what I was looking for with the IKEA Trofast.

Toy storage, toy organization, living room redo

I put it by the kitchen entrance and moved the dark gray stand into storage AKA my parents garage. The space was lightened up instantly which has been my primary goal with this living room redo. I had two black frames on the wall that got a couple coats of white spray paint and some new art. I printed two vintage animal posters from Free Vintage Posters because my luv muffin is obsessed with animals and dinosaurs these days. He always wants to wear his dinosaur shirts and take his animals with him where ever he goes. The toy storage was intended for easy access to his favorite toys. The two large bins are for cars and blocks while the two smaller bins are for animals and letters. He pulls the bins right out and carries them to the floor to play.

vintage animal posters, living room redo,

The Trofast still seemed pretty plain so I grabbed an old comic book and mod podged a couple pages to the top and bottom panel for a pop of color. I love the way it came out!

toy storage, up-cycle, comic book paper

I thought it would be fun to add some chalkboard paint to the right side and give him an area to color and draw on. I used my Frog Tape to create a border and keep the edges clean. Then I applied four coats of  Rust-Oleum chalkboard paint following the directions on the can.

toy storage - trofast toy storage, trofast, chalkboard paint

The top of the tower needed something so I mod podged more comic book paper to a paper mache J, added some dinosaurs and a washed out jar to hold some chalk in. I didn’t want to spray paint the lid so I cut out another piece of comic book paper in a circle and mod podged it to the lid. I’m feeling like this toy storage space is really coming together.

toy storage, comic book paper, upcycled

While the goal of this project was to add additional toy storage, I’m really happy with the end result and when I heard my luv muffin squeal I knew he was too. Let’s take a look at some before and after shots.

gray stand   Frida kahlo

Toy storage, toy organization, living room redo  vintage animal posters, living room redo,

What do you think, would you use comic book paper to decorate for your son or daughter? These pages actually came from my old comic book collection.

Gallery Wall – Living Room

Hello everyone, it’s been a while! Things have been crazy here these past to weeks. Happy Memorial Day – belated. I want to start by saying thank you to all the service men and woman that risk their lives for this country to provide the freedom we all enjoy. Last weekend consisted of time with family and some crafting. This weekend I ran in the Color Run, it’s a really fun, really colorful 5k. How was your weekend, did you get out and enjoy the beautiful weather?

Craft OCD and a busy schedule don’t mix, it’s a recipe for getting a lot of nothing done. I’ve been so busy starting ideas that I haven’t finished any of them. I easily have half a dozen partially completed projects underway and another few swirling around in my head… I didn’t get anywhere near as much done as I would’ve liked but I couldn’t let another weekend go by without crossing something off my list so I finished the easiest project I had, the gallery wall.

Gallery Wall Update

A couple years ago I was watching the Nate Berkus show and he suggested that you trace and cut out sheets of paper the same size as the frames to arrange when hanging up photos or art. It allows you to move the frames around without committing to anything. I thought it was a great idea and I’ve been using it since. This is my third gallery wall so this time around I knew what not to do.

The last gallery wall looked like this

Living room gallery wall

The arrangement was nice and I loved using my sons hand prints but it was time for a change. I started with a clean slate and took down all the frames. I made such a mess the first time that I had holes all over the place. I patched them up with some Dap Fast N Final spackle.

living room spackle

I cut out my “frames” using some sale circulars I had around the house and started arranging. I surfed Pinterest for some inspiration, pictures and ideas. If your thinking about adding a gallery wall to your own home Pinterest is a great resource. I had two ideas I really loved so I put them both on the wall and took some pictures to help decide.

gallery wall guide 1 gallery wall guide 2

In an effort to never have to patch that many holes again I decided to use Command Picture hanging strips this time. I attached them to the back of the frames and prepped the walls following the instructions on the box. The next part was pretty easy since the lay out was already on the wall.  I marked off exactly where the other half of the command strips where supposed to go and attached. The thing that drove me crazy about the last gallery wall was how the frames always moved a little and ended up a bit crooked. This wall is in between my front door and the coat closet so the doors slam shut pretty often shaking the wall. The command strips don’t let the frames move so I wanted them, no my OCD needed them to stay straight. I grabbed my level, rested it on the frames and adjusted until the bubble was centered on every single frame.

level gallery wall frames

I loved the hand prints so much I did them again. It was amazing to see how much the boys have grown since the last time I worked on this space back in 2011. I bought a couple of laser cut wooden plaques from Michael’s and painted them the same aqua color I used with the Media center and on the re upholstered ottoman. Once they were dry I painted the boys hands with some white craft paint and laid them on the wood. My dogs paw print was a little harder… But she’s a good dog and knows I love her so she let me paint and print her paw for the second time. It may seem a little strange to add a dogs paw print to the wall but she really is a part of the family. There was a small space left so I decided to recycle the key plaque from the last wall. I gave it one coat with my white Zinsser primer and a coat of aqua. After it dried I used some glue dots to attach the keys.

personalize gallery wall/handprints

I thought about using color photos again but decided to go with black and white this time and I love the contrast between them and the aqua plaques. I’ve been toying around with an idea in my head for my toddlers desk area and if I decided to do it the black and white pictures will also work with it. I still have a couple empty frames to fill but I love it!! I’m not anywhere near done with the living room but I am happy with the overall progress and I feel like the room is really coming together.

One more look at the before and after

319  037

What’s left?

  • Re upholster the ottoman
  • Condense DVD collection
  • Organize/style the media center
  • New toy storage
  • Spray paint frames & find new art
  • Re arrange gallery wall
  • Miscellaneous painting and crafts


Living Room Redo – Part 2

Hey everyone, I hope you had a great weekend. I’m back with part two of the living room redo. I found my new color and I love it… Aqua!!! I have a Besta Vara from Ikea that I’ve been using as my media center. The TV is mounted on the wall because with a toddler running around it’s just safer that way. I wanted to make the space more functional and add a little pretty, I mean look at it… it could definitely use some pretty.


The right side has books, puzzles, the cable box, a DVD player and the Wii while left side has DVD’s. Now I know a lot of people have upgraded to Blue Rays but I figure if it aint broke don’t fix it.

living room redo/dvd consoledation 394

I got rid of all those DVD cases to make space for some board games that were in my sons closet. All I needed for this update was a pack of sleeves and some Kassett boxes from Ikea. It was pretty easy, I took out all the cases and shelves then I just put the DVD’s inside the sleeves. I grabbed the board games and arranged them on the bottom, they fit perfectly. I put the top shelf back in and added the Kassett boxes filled with DVD’s plus the modem and router. I wanted to get them off the top and out of sight. I used one box for my movies and the other one for the children’s movies and some Wii games. I don’t know why I didn’t get rid of all the DVD cases sooner! I feel like it’s a much better use of the space now. I didn’t do anything to the other side, it was fine the way it was. The top needed some love so I picked up a few accessories from Home Goods and Marshalls. The basket that holds the remotes and controllers got a quick update. I gave it two coats of white spray paint and the bottom half I painted my new beautiful aqua. You can read my tips on spray painting here.

Now lets look at some before and after pictures…

312 029

See the ottoman on the left, we’re going to talk about re upholstering soon.

living room redo/game storage


The Kassett boxes were white and plain so I gave them some pizzaz with some Martha Stewart pouncers and some randomly placed dots.  I also considered using a chevron pattern but opted for the dots. What would you have done?


What’s left?

  • Re upholster the ottoman
  • Condense DVD collection
  • Organize/style the media center
  • New toy storage
  • Spray paint frames & find new art
  • Re arrange gallery wall
  • Miscellaneous arts and crafts