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Look What I Did Display – Part of my Financial Fast

Hi-Lo! This is my third financial fast challenge post and I’ve really been enjoying creating and DIY’ing using the supplies I already have in my craft stash. My youngest son loves to color, draw, paint and create. Not surprising since his momma is a craftaholic. And of course he loves to hang his artwork around the house, he asks for tape and hangs his masterpieces on the doors, walls, the fridge, the stove or just about anywhere he can. I was looking through Kammy’s blog over at Kammy’s Korner and saw a board she made for her son to display his artwork. She calls it his “Look What I Did Display” and it’s exactly what we need. She doesn’t post directions on her blog but the picture is pretty self explanatory. I’ve said in the past that I’m power tool challenged and although I have some scrap pieces of plywood in storage I had no intention of using them. About a year ago I’d bought a piece of pre cut plywood for another project that didn’t work out the way I had planned. Back into my craft closet it went, I figured I’d find something to do with it someday and today is the day.


  • piece of plywood
  • stencil
  • paint
  • clothespins
  • hot glue gun
  • Command strips

 art display,look what i did board

I started by painting the plywood white and stenciling the letters in black. That way it’ll match any room it may end up in, for now it’ll hang above his bed. Once the paint was dry I attached a couple clothes pins. The completed display was hung on the wall using Command strips, my absolute favorite hanging accessory.

art display, diy art display

The Look What I Did Display board will be used over and over again in our home and was so easy to make that this project was a win, win all the way around.

Another project accomplished with a $0 investment.

look what i did board, artdisplay


DIY Sunburst Mirror – Part of my Financial Fast Challenge

Hi-Lo everyone! The work week is moving right along and things have been busy with regular events, planning for vacation and my wilton cake decorating course. But I’m still moving forward with my bedroom update little by little and for $0 of course. I’m over the moon to finally have a sunburst mirror; I’ve been crushing on them for a while now.

DIY Sunburst mirror

I love the color of my bedroom walls; it’s light and happy and feels fresh and open. But the accent colors I chose were more out of frugality than anything else. A couple years ago after I had the apartment painted but before the TV was mounted on the living room wall I bought some art to hang behind the TV. My first attempt at decorating a space…. Sorry, no before pics, I didn’t think to take pictures back then. But then my youngest started walking and it just made sense to mount the TV so I didn’t have to worry about it falling. That meant the artwork had to come down and my thriftiness wouldn’t let me tuck it away in a closet someplace. At the same time I’d decided to make an upholstered headboard and thought the artwork would look perfect above it, and it did. So I used it as my inspiration piece and attempted to decorate the room around it.

geometric art, marshalls

As you can see from the picture that meant red and brown would be some of the rooms accent colors, fast forward a couple years and I’m ready for a change so I decided to go with a softer, girlier (is that even a word?) color in here. Can you guess what my new accent color is…? It’s pink! I found a fabulous piece of fabric at that I’m going to use to reupholster the bench at the foot of the bed and a couple other pieces around the room. Now this is where the sunburst mirror comes in, it’s going to take center stage above the bed. While I did DIY the sunburst mirror I can’t take take credit for the how to. For full directions please check out Kayla’s post here. I’d been scouring the web for months looking for easy directions that required minimal supplies and hers was definitely that!! A little information before we move on, I purchased the supplies for this project months ago because it’d been on my to do list for a while. So it’s still a $0 project since I already had all the supplies on hand.


  • 16 wood shims
  • small mirror
  • paint
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • small piece of string or ribbon

I started by painting all the shims

painted shims

 next I attached the shims to each other one layer at a time

DIY Sunburst mirror instructions

once it was completely dry I attached some string to hang it with and glued on the mirror

Hang up a starburst mirror

I love the way it came out and the fact that it’s white means it’ll go with the next color I decide to try in here. Not anytime soon though, I’m going to enjoy pink for a while.

Let’s have a look at my Sunburst Mirror.

DIY Starburst mirror

The room already has a totally different feel. I want to LOVE this room redo when I’m done so I want to think about function, comfort and how it looks. In typical me fashion, I mean I’m still redoing the living room… That has been an evolution, you can read about the paint job here, the gallery wall here and the toy organization here.

But when I look at this simple DIY sunburst mirror it has me smiling from ear to ear.

geometric art, marshalls, before  DIY Starburst mirror

I’m two weeks into my financial fast challenge and I love crossing projects of my to do list for $0. I’ve seen some great mirrors in blog land, a lot of rope and sisal being used. Sunburst mirrors have been everywhere but I don’t mind being late to the trend. I found some supplies in my craft stash that I want to use for next weeks project.

Circus Birthday Party

Hi-Lo! I heard Leonard say that while watching an episode of the Big Bang Theory and now I can’t get it out my head. This past weekend we had a birthday party for my Luv Muffin who turned 3; I’ve mentioned before that he’s got a thing for animals so I thought a Circus Party would be a fun way to incorporate animals. I wanted to keep things simple so the plan was to take advantage of the warm weather and have a water play party outside. There was going to be a water table and a small pool for the kids to play in. I picked up a bag of water balloons and we had a bubble machine. But Mother Nature didn’t cooperate so there was a change of plans. We still filled up the water table and the kids had a blast, the bubble machine was a huge hit. I mean what kid doesn’t love bubbles?! We also had a bucket of sidewalk chalk for them to draw with and that kept the kids busy, happy and entertained for a while. It was actually chilly in NY this weekend so the kids came inside for a while, we played a game of pin the nose on the clown and had some fun with a pinata. After that it was pizza time, I had considered a BBQ but my sister said “just get pizza” and I thought what a great idea. After pizza we sang Happy Birthday and had some cake, then we opened gifts.

I made most of the decorations myself with some inspiration from Pinterest, you can check out my board here. I had a really hard time finding circus themed decorations, games, goodie bags or themed party prizes at Party City, Wal-Mart and the dollar store. I saw some stuff online but I decided to have this party eleven days before his birthday so that didn’t leave much time to order anything. Not to mention I didn’t want to pay for shipping and handling so rush delivery was out of the question. I felt like this was a pretty popular theme so having such a hard time finding stuff kinda blew my mind.

I made the banner with paper plates a stencil, red paint and a red streamer.

circus party banner

The center piece was simply a piece of cardboard and a printed elephant cut out and placed on a styrofoam circle

circus party center piece

The gumball display was a washed out jar filled with gumballs and a #3 candle (TIP – I put a small cup inside to help fill it up)

circus party gumball display

I made the goodie bags with brown paper lunch bags, animal themed duct tape and animal pictures printed and cut out

circus party goodie bag

I made the lollipops with some Wilton molds and melting chocolates. I displayed them in some popcorn buckets filled with candy.

circus party lollipops

By the time I was done decorating I was actually happy that I had such a hard time finding anything. I DIY’d for half the cost since I already had a lot of the supplies at home, the rest came from the dollar store. The kids had a great time and my son was so excited about his Circus Party that he talked about it hours after everyone had gone home.

I meant to take a picture of the table fully decorated but i’m still new to blogging and was so  busy with our guests that i didn’t remember until the party was almost over and by then the table was a wreck… I’ll get better, I promise.