Bedroom Mirror Update – Part of my Financial Fast Challenge

Hi-Lo! Can you believe summer is almost over?? It blows my mind that my son goes back to school in four weeks; it feels like it was just Memorial Day. While I am sad at the thought of saying goodbye to lazy weekdays and weekends out enjoying the beautiful weather I have to admit I’m EXCITED about Fall and the holidays that follow. I LOVE Christmas, probably almost as much as the kids so no tears here. I have a ton of ideas for the upcoming Holiday season. Now, this week marks the start of my financial fast challenge and my first $0 project. I’ve wanted to give my bedroom a quick update by switching out the current accessories and color which happens to be red for something softer. When I was looking for fabric to re-upholster the ottoman I found a beautiful print that I plan to incorporate in the bedroom, more on that later. The wall above my dresser was in need of some decor and since this is a $0 challenge I had to find something I already owned to fill the space. I rummaged through my storage space and found an old gold mirror that just needed a little love. I ran to my paltry collection of spray paints and grabbed a can of Krylon Metallic Silver. I’m a gluten for details so I decided to use silver to match the curtain rods and outlet covers in the room.

updated bedroom mirror

I cleaned the mirror off and let it dry while I gathered my supplies. I taped off the glass with my frog tape and covered the center with a plastic bag.

bedroom mirror update - frog tape   bedroom mirror update - protect glass

Then I gave the mirror two coats with my BIN Zinsser primer in white, waiting a couple minutes in between coats.

bedroom mirror update - primed

Then it got two coats with the Krylon, again waiting a few minutes between coats. I left it outside for about an hour to dry completely. I looked it over to make sure I’d covered every nook and cranny as well as the edges and realized the gold was still showing through in some spots. I gave it another coat paying attention to those spots but not overspraying. I hate drips and run offs. You can read my post about spray painting for tips and suggestions to avoid run offs. I left it outside for an hour before bringing it in and gave it another couple hours dry time before hanging it up.

Let’s take a look at the before and after….

bedroom mirror update - before  updated bedroom mirror

      I love the way the mirror came out and it looks great above my dresser.

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