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Circus Birthday Party

Hi-Lo! I heard Leonard say that while watching an episode of the Big Bang Theory and now I can’t get it out my head. This past weekend we had a birthday party for my Luv Muffin who turned 3; I’ve mentioned before that he’s got a thing for animals so I thought a Circus Party would be a fun way to incorporate animals. I wanted to keep things simple so the plan was to take advantage of the warm weather and have a water play party outside. There was going to be a water table and a small pool for the kids to play in. I picked up a bag of water balloons and we had a bubble machine. But Mother Nature didn’t cooperate so there was a change of plans. We still filled up the water table and the kids had a blast, the bubble machine was a huge hit. I mean what kid doesn’t love bubbles?! We also had a bucket of sidewalk chalk for them to draw with and that kept the kids busy, happy and entertained for a while. It was actually chilly in NY this weekend so the kids came inside for a while, we played a game of pin the nose on the clown and had some fun with a pinata. After that it was pizza time, I had considered a BBQ but my sister said “just get pizza” and I thought what a great idea. After pizza we sang Happy Birthday and had some cake, then we opened gifts.

I made most of the decorations myself with some inspiration from Pinterest, you can check out my board here. I had a really hard time finding circus themed decorations, games, goodie bags or themed party prizes at Party City, Wal-Mart and the dollar store. I saw some stuff online but I decided to have this party eleven days before his birthday so that didn’t leave much time to order anything. Not to mention I didn’t want to pay for shipping and handling so rush delivery was out of the question. I felt like this was a pretty popular theme so having such a hard time finding stuff kinda blew my mind.

I made the banner with paper plates a stencil, red paint and a red streamer.

circus party banner

The center piece was simply a piece of cardboard and a printed elephant cut out and placed on a styrofoam circle

circus party center piece

The gumball display was a washed out jar filled with gumballs and a #3 candle (TIP – I put a small cup inside to help fill it up)

circus party gumball display

I made the goodie bags with brown paper lunch bags, animal themed duct tape and animal pictures printed and cut out

circus party goodie bag

I made the lollipops with some Wilton molds and melting chocolates. I displayed them in some popcorn buckets filled with candy.

circus party lollipops

By the time I was done decorating I was actually happy that I had such a hard time finding anything. I DIY’d for half the cost since I already had a lot of the supplies at home, the rest came from the dollar store. The kids had a great time and my son was so excited about his Circus Party that he talked about it hours after everyone had gone home.

I meant to take a picture of the table fully decorated but i’m still new to blogging and was so  busy with our guests that i didn’t remember until the party was almost over and by then the table was a wreck… I’ll get better, I promise.